VISENDUM is Technological Wood. Our technology has enabled us to create a kind of wood resistant to any type of weather and with no treatment needed. It combines a 70% of recycled wood products and less than 30% of HDPE. It does not content PVC nor heavy metals and it 100% recyclable at the end of the life cycle.

VISENDUM is made in Spain and France, following the European standards and fulfilling the necessary tests of quality which confirm its suitability.As we produce through extrusion processes we have a great flexibility to create different sections, lengths and profiles in order to adapting ourselves to each project.

In VISENDUM, sawmill and forests waste and are used to obtain our raw material. That is why we represent an intelligent and sustainable alternative to tropical wood since we contribute to reduce wood cutting and CO2 emissions. When manufacturing by extrusion you get great flexibility when creating different lengths and sections, and we can adapt to each project.

In VISENDUM we use sawmill waste and forest cleaning to obtain our raw material, which represents a smart and sustainable alternative to tropical timber, as we contribute to reduce logging and CO2 emissions through transport. By sea or air.


Comparative analysis synthetic/tropical wood

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Ecology and sustainability

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Quality test

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