What are the Wood Technological® profiles made of?

VISENDUM® is a wood microcomposite with a polymeric matrix. Its production process is clean, requires little energy and does not pollute.

The polymer matrix encapsulates the wood, which is protected from external aggressions: water, sun, termites, fungi …

The wood used is basically pine and oak, coming from the cleaning of the forests. Visendum is composed of 70% recycled wood and 30% natural resins

¿VISENDUM® resiste las temperaturas extremas?

Yes, the product resists frost because the absorption of water is very low. It also resists high temperatures, although the mechanical properties undergo slight variations.

However, it is necessary to comply with the operating rules (spacing between the profiles) in case of extreme temperatures.

Do you need to be careful with splinters?

VISENDUM® does not produce splinters.

Can VISENDUM® be used for structures?

No, wood technology can not be used for structural applications.

Do VISENDUM® profiles contain VOC (Volatile Organic Components)?

No, wood technology does not emit volatiles because none of its components contain ureaformol.

Do wood technology profiles require maintenance?

It does not require any particular protection. It only needs to be cleaned with water, it is not necessary to use any chemical for treatment or protection of the wood.

Does VISENDUM® resist scratching?

Sí, las pruebas realizadas muestran una resistencia a la perforación y a la abrasión superior al roble.

¿VISENDUM® se ennegrece como la madera tropical?

No, because the wood is encapsulated by the polymer matrix and because it is colored in mass: it has no different layers.

Is VISENDUM® good for the environment?

Yes, since it is obtained from recycled products and is recyclable at the end of its useful life, it does not require any maintenance product and its manufacture consumes little energy. Does not contain any toxic products, such as heavy metals.

Are the VISENDUM® profiles dimensionally stable?

Yes, totally, because they do not deform, they do not bore, they do not crack.

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